Durham lab

Experimental Science Lab, Wolfson Research Institute Extension, Durham University-Queen’s Campus 

The Wolfson Research Institute lab is particularly well equipped to run experiments that require the simultaneous collection of choice and physiological date, such as eye tracking and skin contact measures. The laboratory includes a total of 21 experimental spaces for research participants. The Main Research Lab contains enclosed 13 cubicles (including 1 wheelchair-accessible cubicle), each cubicle contains an eye-tracking workstations. There are 12 physiology capture devices which support temperature, pulse, skin conductance, breathing rate and more. In addition, there is a Seminar Room equipped with observation cameras and AV equipment. The seminar room can be used for a wide variety of group experiments for up to 20 persons, as well as teaching, seminar groups and other meetings. There is also a Soundproof Room that is equipped with 4 high-def camera for facial reactions. Office  is equipped with 6 workstations, allowing researchers to remotely observe and control the studies being conducted in each of the other three rooms, and also providing some facilities for analysis of the data.  

BENC Durham lab1 BENC Durham lab2

Newcastle lab

Experimental and Behavioural Economics Lab, Newcastle University Business School 

The Experimental and Behavioral Economics Lab is located in 201, Newcastle University Business School. The lab is suitable for decision-making experiments. It has 36 networked PCs and is licensed with z-tree. XAMPP could be installed on the server computer for PHP-SQL programmed experiments. The lab is also equipped with visual-audio systems. In addition to running experiments, the lab is suitable for teaching and training purposes. 

BENC Newcastle lab BENC Newcastle lab3