Jason Shachat will be leading a project funded jointly by the ESRC and the Luxem

From December 2017 Jason Shachat (Co-director of BENC) will be leading a project on algorithmic and high frequency trading with Julian Williams, Sarah Zhang (Manchester) and Tibor Neugebauer (Uni. Of Luxembourg).

The project will utilise BENC’s laboratories to study how human subjects trade against a variety of algorithms and/or other subjects under laboratory conditions. The objective is to understand how the behaviour of traders changes when we interact with artificial traders. In several markets there have been major regulatory interventions enacted or proposed with the specific intention of mitigating the speed advantage of algorithmic traders. We seek to quantify how the psychology of trading changes, as algorithms with different degrees of effectiveness are introduced. The project has a wider set of implications going forward as society, as a whole, interacts more closely with automated systems which will play an increasingly important role in economic decision making.

The £1.1 million FEC project will run from December 2017 and is funded jointly by the ESRC and the Luxembourg FNR with the Durham unit coordinating a global network of experimental laboratories with BENC’s labs at its centre. 


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