2016-2017 seminar schedule

 All seminars will take place at 4:30pm-5:45pm, unless otherwise noted. 


Date & Time Venue Speaker
3 Oct 2016, Monday


Daniel Zizzo, Newcastle University
17 Oct 2016, Monday Newcastle Christos  Ioannou, University of Southampton  
31 Oct 2016, Monday Durham Miguel Costa-Gomes, University of St Andrews
12 Dec 2016, Monday Newcastle Ulrik Beierholm, Durham University
26, Jan, 2017, Thursday Durham Guillaume Frechette, New York University 
9 Feb 2017, Thursday Newcastle Peter Moffatt, University of East Anglia
20 Feb 2017, Monday Durham Ido Erev, University of Warwick & Technion -Israel Institute of Technology
6 Mar 2017, Monday Newcastle Liam Delaney, University of Stirling
23 Mar 2017, Thursday Durham

Diogo Souza Monteiro, Newcastle University

20 Apr 2017, Thursday Durham

Ron Harstad, University of Missouri

3 May 2017, Wednesday Newcastle

Andrew Caplin, New York University

15 May 2017, Monday Durham          Christine Merrell, Durham University
25 May 2017, Thursday Newcastle

Rebecca McDonald, University of Warwick

5 June 2017, Monday Durham

Sven Fischer, Newcastle University

19 June 2017, Monday Newcastle

Nick Bardsley, University of Reading